Fast Food Seating Wooden Booth Furniture

Fast Food Seating Wooden Booth Furniture

Available in Single, Double, Deuce, 1/2 Circle, and 3/4 Circle configurations

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Product Details

The Pullover, Tall Seat, Plain Back Booth creates a very upscale appearance, without having to opt for expensive upholstery or wood options. This style includes a 11 1/2″ tall seat sitting directly on the ABS kick-plate.

The plain back is perfect for decorative fabrics. Allowing the designer to build texture and interest without opting for more expensive sewn upholstery pattern backs.

Standard DMS features include: Built in crumb strip, 7 1/4″ ABS textured plastic kick-plate, deep 3″ foam on DMS’



We are committed to the lowest prices for customers to provide quality commercial furniture.Your purchase will bring satisfaction knowing that you have received the best value for your money.We can keep our prices low because we make our own furniture.

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