Hot Pot Furniture Leather Dining Booths

Hot Pot Furniture Leather Dining Booths

Product Size: ● Booths Dimensions: Double Booths: D120 x W60 x H100 cm ● Seat Height: 45 cm ● Size and Color can be custom made.

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Product Details

The new Cherner swivel base task chair is a further development of the classic Cherner Chair. Combining molded plywood and steel in a dramatic yet minimal design for the work environment. The spidery swivel base and curvaceous molded shell highlight the structural capabilities of the two materials. A strong, lightweight and graceful addition to the home or office, the Cherner task chair is available in all standard Cherner finishes.


The Cherner Chair Company was formed in Connecticut in 1999 when Benjamin and Thomas decided to bring their father's classic, 1950s, mid-century modern furniture back into production using the original designs and specifications. In addition to reissuing Norman Cherner's creations, found in design collections worldwide, the company also offers new furniture by Benjamin. From chairs like the iconic Cherner Armchair to tables like the impeccably designed Cherner Rectangular Table, their products show timeless elegance and environmentally friendly design, using wood from sustainably managed forests.

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