10 common senses that must be known

- Jan 02, 2019-

1: Color is a medical therapist

No matter which house is facing in the southeast and northwest, the color can mobilize the warmth of the home. There are many ways to add color, and paints, fabrics, floors, ceilings, furniture, handicrafts, etc. can be used skillfully. But avoid too much color in a room.


2: Lighting design

At present, 30% of the lighting uses naturalized design, such as plum wall lamp, fishtail table lamp, horse and other small animal shapes. Lamp cover materials are widely used in paper, wood, yarn and so on. However, excessive use of decorative lights is also detrimental to home health. Especially in children's rooms, the light should not be too weak.


3: Have a comfortable sofa

The bottom of the ergonomic sofa is often equipped with a spring-loading device. The button on the side of the armrest is lightly pressed, the fascia in front of the sofa is slowly raised, the legs are supported, and the backrest of the sofa can be automatically angled with the body.


4: Optional home style curtain fabric

Reason for selection: Curtains and sofas, to a large extent, determine the tone of the home. Looking at your home is getting more and more beautiful, isn't that obviously obsolete curtains to be pulled down? Fabric curtains, bamboo curtains, organ curtains, canopy curtains? According to your own personality, you will definitely have more More satisfaction.

5: Stylish and simple folding storage box

Maybe you are upset about your messy computer desk, maybe you are still losing your temper for not finding a small piece of jewelry. Don't worry, a small folding storage box can help you organize your messy home. The storage box can hold letters, books, and some intimate clothing, socks, ties, and even a fashion MM makeup.


6: A chic atmosphere screen

If you think that the screen is just a luxury that is unique to a large building, then your home concept is completely out of date. In fact, for the current small-sized houses, the proper use of screens for partitions can make the living room more spatial and hierarchical. A chic screen can bring a different kind of fun and vitality to the living room.

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