100m2 minimalist design creates a fragrant ambience of logs

- Dec 27, 2018-

100m2 simple style, minimalist interior design, without too much complicated decoration, so simple and simple decoration to build a breath of the world, but also feels that the most understanding of life is This way!


The designer created a simple and elegant hospitality space in a minimalist way. The light brown sofa and the elements of the log make the living room full of a clear smell of logs.


The black stiletto coffee table with black wooden foot sofa chair contrasts with the beige plush rug and the white three-legged coffee table. It combines the white wall space with the contrast of black and white to create an elegant and elegant aesthetic.

The simple black floor lamp stands quietly on the sofa, illuminating one corner and escorting the action of the master. Green plants decorate the interior with a vitality.


The simple wooden table lamp on the single-legged table of the log iron frame is self-contained with the light brown sofa.

The gibbon design on the white three-legged table enhances the agility and fun of the space.

The black and white gray 3D wall painting gives a deep, extended movement. The two little masters are standing by the white wooden foot table, playing with new and interesting toys, warm and beautiful.


The space outlined by the simple gray-white system gives a quiet, soft beauty. The wooden dining table, deck chair, and the elements of the log add a touch of scent to the dining area.

The simple and open terrace and the wall are also designed with hidden storage shelves, which not only affects the appearance but also has practical value. At the end of the flower pond, plant your favorite plants, full of greenery, and a good mood.


The pure white color is matched with the wooden floor, the solid wood bed frame, the white bedding, the designer abandons the complicated decoration, and the simple is the main, creating a simple and comfortable resting place for the master. Simply put a Zen plant on the bedside table to add a bit of anger to the space.

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