4 kinds of lighting arrangements in 4 large spaces, see how your home lights are installed!

- Jan 16, 2019-

A picture to illustrate the different forms of lighting.

1 Indirect lighting, through various types of reflection to achieve illumination. Compared to other functions, indirect lighting can bring soft light and help to relax.

2 Scene lighting, a partial concentrated illumination of the space, emphasizing the presence of the space, mostly in the living room, dining room.

3 Auxiliary lighting, the light does not directly affect the area where people usually are located. Generally, it mainly plays a role in the atmosphere of the space to achieve the decorative effect. More common in light strips, string lights, wall lights, etc.

4 direct illumination, direct projection of light for a given area. With the emphasis on lighting, it is the brightest of the five types of light source.

5 accent lighting, focusing on lighting in some spaces, using spotlights, desk lamps, downlights, floor lamps, etc., to better distinguish the same space.

Let's talk about the practical lighting design plan for the reference according to the function area.

living room

Compared with other spaces, the living room area will be slightly larger, and it also undertakes daily meeting, chat, film and television leisure and other functions. Therefore, the lights in the living room will have more combined functions.


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