7 living room color schemes bring new surprises

- Feb 13, 2019-

The living room is an area with a high family usage rate. The excellent color matching will create unexpected surprises for the living room. The 7 living room color scheme recommended by Xiao Bian will definitely bring you inspiration!

Option 1: Royal Blue + Wood Color + Red


The texture of the coffee table and the bench is old-fashioned retro style, easy to dim, and the velvet-colored royal blue sofa releases a lot of luster for the space.

Option 2: Green Yellow + Light Blue + White + Black


The combination of green and light blue is like a blue sky and grass. This bright natural feeling is best highlighted by the bright white upper space.

Option 3: yellow + black + white + a small amount of orange

The trend of yellow and black is a very individual combination. Although the transition with white can add brightness, it is still easy to get tired. The sofa that is lighter in black and the orange pillow above it can easily inject freshness.

Option 4: Green Yellow + Lemon Yellow + Milk White

Both yellow and green can bring fruit and vegetable-like excitement to the space, but pay attention to the rhythm of the two.

Option 5: beige + gray + a small amount of green + a small amount of yellow

The living room area consisting of a beige sofa and a gray TV cabinet is gorgeous and solemn, adding a small amount of green and yellow to make the space alive.

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