Add some embellishments in the hallway, the design will be more interesting

- Jan 23, 2019-

If the corridor is not decorated with some embellishments, it will be tedious. The decoration concept of the whole house may be affected, so how should the corridor be designed?

First, following the principle is fundamental


For the decoration of the corridor, it is usually necessary to adhere to the principle of “occupying the land without occupying the land”. In the use of corridor wall decoration materials, you can choose the wallpaper or latex paint with the same color as the bedroom. If the color of the two ends of the corridor connection is different, the color of the corridor generally remains the same as the space of the larger area.

Second, narrow corridors are not advisable


If your home's corridor is narrow, you can put a mirror on the wall, which can play a role in expanding the color. In order to avoid tackiness, the use of tinted glass should be cautious. The floral glass mirror is a good choice, surrounded by silver-white aluminum alloy. Then I found that the narrowness of the corridor was gone.

Third, hang up the calligraphy and painting to add interest


If you don't want to bother, put a few suitable calligraphy and paintings on the walls of the corridor, and suddenly an artistic atmosphere will come out. It is also possible to make antique feelings on the walls of the corridor with materials such as stones. Or create a atmosphere by making a niche.

Fourth, show beautiful art

If you like handicrafts, you can make a set of glass door cabinets on one side of the corridor. Pay attention to the height of the hanging cabinet, not too high, and set the multi-layer shelf inside, you can put your favorite handicrafts.

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