Armchair concept

- Sep 19, 2018-

The armchair is a general name for the backrest chair with armrests. Except for the ring chair and the chair, the rest are called armchairs. The styles and decorations are simple and complicated. They are often combined with the coffee table, and the four chairs are placed in the hall. Symmetrical display on both sides of the bright room.
The armchair has the advantages of convenient carrying, light weight, etc., and the price is cheap; it is the first choice for traveling outings, can be worn back, wearable and durable, suitable for gatherings. Take the cool. Outdoor leisure is easy to open and collect, after collecting it, it is small, not Taking up space, the points of force are reinforced with leather, durable wear-resistant. The backrest of the chair with armrests, in addition to the ring chair, the chair, the rest are called armchairs

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