Can shared homes find a breakthrough in opening the market?

- Feb 17, 2019-

The first "24h home sharing store" landed, open design sharing

Recently, JAJAHOME's first membership-free "24h home sharing store" landed in Hangzhou, which has aroused people's enthusiastic attention to the new model of "sharing economy" in the home design industry.

It is reported that "shared store" is not only a "shared store" of major furniture manufacturers, but also a "shared store" between home improvement enterprises and designers. Its shared functions mainly include "factory sample display sharing + design office space free sharing + profit sharing + Training and growth exchange venue sharing + fabric material area sharing + customer experience center sharing + latest interactive technology software sharing + design model library free sharing + big coffee experience sharing" and other functions.

As we all know, the overall soft supply chain is a high-threshold complex system involving many types of manufacturers, and must be driven and integrated through design and development. JAJAHOME's one-stop soft supply chain platform took 2 years to visit more than 1,000 home factories around the world, completed more than 10,000 pieces of overall soft dressing, and strived to create the strongest "soft packs" for home improvement companies and designers. Library".

It is understood that the entire "shared store" consists of dozens of overall soft-installed experience scenes, presenting the world's popular soft-cloth design style, whether it is Nordic or new Chinese, whether it is American or post-modern, can be in the scene experience Feel. Color design, fabric replacement, and multi-scene design can be presented through the selection area and digital scene technology interactive area.

Practically solve the pain points in the industry, whether it is possible to roll out the market still needs time verification

Many software designers do their own projects for customers. They are just “paper talk” and communicate with customers with renderings or home pictures. The actual results and design solutions often appear to be different. This also makes the "design and creation value" not fully utilized by young designers and customers. In the hard-packed supply chain and construction, all the home-loading enterprises that have accumulated for many years have obvious weakness in the soft-installed sector. For domestic home improvement companies and designers, these are industry pain points that cannot be ignored.

JAJAHOME platform relies on multi-party integration capabilities, through its design and development, software tool development, 24h home sharing store and other means for designers, home improvement companies, design companies to the pulse industry pain point, can be said to open the real sense of the home "shared economy" era. For designers, the biggest cost lies in display cost, office cost, communication cost, after-sales service cost, and the soft-pack design is not limited to furniture. It needs more abundant supply chain support, and there are many categories and details. "Standardization + Personalization" can meet the needs of customers. And these problems can be solved in the 24h home sharing store.

And the complex soft-packed supply chain can be landed in an extremely simple way to achieve design communication front-end. For example, the JA JA H OM E certified designer can search all the products selected by the manufacturer on the A PP mobile terminal, and can download and use the 3D model for personalized rendering. In the home-sharing store, the designer can bring the customer directly to the large-screen introduction program through the touch screen in the technology experience area, and the real-life VR becomes the auxiliary virtual reality experience. For the customer, the design will also be more convincing.

According to professionals, the success of the sharing economy needs to meet three aspects: it can effectively solve the pain points of users, whether the profit model is solid and whether it can quickly spread the market. Obviously, the soft-pack design sharing store has obvious advantages in terms of solving the designer's pain point, but it will take time to verify if the model is unveiled soon.

Internet sharing furniture platform is on the line, furniture is sold on rent

"The house is rented, life is not." This sentence is on fire this year. It can also be seen that young people or renters are treating their attitudes towards life, and they have to pay more attention to their rented houses. If you rent only a few yuan or a hundred yuan, you can rent stylish furniture and live a fine life. Why not?

After shaking up the housing rental industry, Li Ying decided to enter the field of shared furniture. It is reported that the Internet sharing furniture platform shakes home in July this year to complete the 3 million yuan angel round financing provided by the United States NASDAQ listed company AirMedia. Subsequently, Chain Home, I Love My Family, Eggshell Apartment, ViewSonic Apartment, Fun Stage, etc. reached a strategic cooperation with Shake Home, and took the lead in laying out the furniture sharing model.

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