Carpet + floor lamp, shoot the fashion home blockbuster in minutes!

- Jan 04, 2019-

The classic black and white grey home looks very advanced. The carpet also continues this classic, the three-color gradient makes the home color block just right, and the metal texture of the fishing light partner, giving the home a new fashion taste.

If you feel that Nordic home style is not accurate, you can use the Nordic elements of the carpet and the Nordic-style floor lamp to decorate, the full atmosphere of the Nordic atmosphere makes people feel like they are in a foreign country.


The combination of a furry rug and a warm floor lamp instantly warms the home.

The fascinating blues sounded, barefooted, and the warm touch of the carpet isolated the coldness of the floor. In the winter, the family becomes a place for gatherings. When the sofa is not enough to sit down, sit directly on the ground. “Professionality” is the most realistic appearance in front of friends.


The warm carpet is still the protector of the child. After many families have children, the home will become a variety of mix and match. In fact, a simple and large carpet can maintain the overall home style and protect children everywhere.


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