Catering brand design and planning: project No fish than Fish Le Fei

- Feb 18, 2019-

A brand is a holistic concept that represents the quality, character, and service of a product. Through the recognition and recognition of the brand by consumers, the brand will become a product mark in the hearts of consumers. Consumers build loyalty to the brand and often make choices based on the brand. "The child is not a fish, and the fish of Anzhi." This is a sentence from Keiko, which was recorded in "Zhuangzi•Qiushui" and is also the source of inspiration for the fish music brand. Eating fish is the trend of young people's diet, especially the hearts of female customers. This case is a catering brand design full-case work, through the brand new shaping and space trend interpretation, to bring a pleasant food experience for young people seeking new trends.


In the face of young consumers who are more and more new and tired, the design team hopes to give the fisherman a more refined value, more fashionable temperament and more interesting soul. In the context of young people, fully explain the "fish music" and create Belong to your own characteristic culture.

Theme positioning: professional fish restaurant

Core products: pickled fish, musk fish

Mainstream group: 18~35 years old - newcomers in the workplace, urban white-collar workers, family guests

Creative style: fashion, exquisite, romantic, spread


Cantonese: Tear the body and thorns.

1. Brand visual presentation

The team refines the natural green color of the food as the main color of the brand, and through the deduction of design, the interest of life grows infinitely.

Based on the image of “fish” and the symbol of “smile arc”, the Logo graphic is deeply refined and recreated to convey the highly appealing “fish music”.

Based on the brand culture of [Fish Le Fei] brand culture, the theme is temperate and lively, giving the brand more interest and vitality, bringing customers into an unforgettable culinary journey, telling an original "fish music" story.


2. Space atmosphere creation

Continuing the [Fish Lefei] young, fashionable and exquisite brand personality, the designer uses the innovative method to interpret the fresh and romantic French style in the space and capture the hearts of young female customers.


The restaurant does not deliberately create a French-style sense of weight, cleverly refining the lines and geometric shapes of French architecture, creating a soothing streamline that guides customers into a new and wonderful party.

    Delicate lace patterns, shimmering lighting, create a fascinating and gentle atmosphere in the trendy Morandi green tones. The scales on the ground tell the fisherman's shallow auspicious, unconstrained heavy color blocks, and strengthen the young personality of the space.


The brand culture injects a fresh soul into the space. The theme illustrator of “No Fish” and “brand sauerkraut and fish are perfect match for you” are all interesting communication methods that young people prefer, bringing space closer. The distance between food and customers.

     The team explored the unique theme of the “Fish Lefei” restaurant, and planned and built the brand case, creating a distinctive culture for the “Fish Lefei” catering brand. We believe that every young and soft heart is worth enjoying a romantic situation, a fashionable pastime, a tasteful life...

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