Color control must see! Passing the elegance of the home with blue

- Jan 09, 2019-

If you want to inject a lot into the house, you can use the color mix and match the different materials to embellish the simple home. In this apartment, under the limited area, the apartment is cut into two parts with a dark blue painted wooden wall. In addition to creating ample kitchen area, it also increases the living area of the living room and preserves the privacy of the bedroom and bathroom. The walls are partially covered with brass to convey the elegance of the antiques, presenting the owner's unique taste.


▲ living room

In the common area of the living room and kitchen area, the wall is covered with a light gray magnetic brick wall corresponding to the eye-catching blue wall, creating a layered feeling in the house, combined with a blue mosaic in the middle of the island to divide the area, creating more flexibility in the space. The function, in addition to the use of the upper growth method in the ceiling design layer storage, the actual activation space utility.

The bedroom has a large window for easy access to ample daylight. This area uses dark wood flooring to divide the border, indicating the privacy needs of the private area. The bathroom uses black marble and hexagonal tiles to cover the wall, and the light and dark lines overlap to precipitate the mind. , giving an unstressed single apartment.


▲ Living room looks at the door


▲ dining area


▲ Guest kitchen is the main activity space in the room


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