Count the silent roads that TATA has traveled in those years

- Dec 20, 2018-

Zhuge Liang said in the "Zizi Book": "The journey of a gentleman, quietly to cultivate, to cultivate morality, not to be ambiguous, not to be quiet."

Russell also made it clear that the so-called happy life must mean a quiet life. The reason is that only in a quiet atmosphere can you have a real life fun.

Throughout the ancient and modern times, it is not difficult to find that the life is quiet and happy, and the years are full and quiet. "Quiet" is a prerequisite for human self-cultivation, and it is the life state and supreme cultivation that everyone pursues throughout his life.


In order to create a quieter living space for consumers, TATA wooden door will be “quiet” as the soul of the company. For 7 years, it has been dedicated to the design, development and production of silent doors. The innovation of technology and the improvement of technology have not only brought consumers the opportunity to calm down and enjoy a better life; let us see a great corporate image that is dedicated and determined, and makes unremitting efforts for people's better home life. .


On December 22, 2018, the annual TATA wooden door new product launch conference came again. The theme of this conference was “Calm down, happiness comes” and adhere to the concept of “design changes life”, continuing the main tone of the previous TATA mute door. However, how the design changes life; how does the TATA wooden door achieve technological breakthroughs again in the past, so that “quietness” and “happiness” come at the same time, and the conference will see the same day.

Before that, let's take a look at the TATA wooden door new product launch process and get a deep understanding of the "silent road" of TATA wooden doors.

2012: The first TATA new product launch will be the first "45 degree oblique soft magnetic suction - silent door"


On December 22, 2013, TATA wooden door launched the "My Silent Life" concept, releasing magnetic silent locks and freely rotating the door. Among them, after the free push door is opened, the door leaf is located at the left and right of the door hole, which can save at least 0.4m2 of space, and the design is more humanized. The magnetic mute lock removes the metal collision between the lock tongue and the door frame block. The magnetic suction principle is adopted. When the door is closed, the automatic suction functions as a lock function, and the soft material of the contact point is muted, and the sound insulation effect is greatly improved; The tongue is invisible, it is safer to scrape the clothes and the body, and the magnetic parts replace the mechanical parts. The parts are reduced to 13 pieces. After 500,000 times of opening and closing, the magnetic force is still stable and effective, and more durable, which is favored by consumers. .

2014: TATA wooden door launches the concept of “a stylish Chinese door”

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