Curtains are glamour magicians who create a home atmosphere

- Jan 22, 2019-

A suitable curtain can not only make the home romantic, but also enhance the temperament of the whole family, so that the monotonous space is instantly agile.

But when choosing curtains, we can't look at the value of the face, but ignore its actual function. So, how to find a curtain that best matches your home among the variety of curtains?


What are the tips for buying curtains?

Curtain: color

Choose a color that is similar to the color of the wall or a color that matches the style of the home to keep the space uniform, so that the overall look will be more harmonious and simple.



The white curtains are a versatile choice. They are elegant, generous, quiet and graceful. When the breeze rises, it will give you a feeling of celestiality.

Moreover, the white curtains have good light transmission, and it is as if they can smell the sunlight through the window, which brings us unlimited imagination.



Gray is a fashionable color that is popular nowadays. It is not only fashionable but also temperament, and it has strong shielding ability, which can create a low-key luxury home atmosphere.

Stripes or bright colors

Use striped or bright curtains to brighten the overall effect, enrich the level and decoration of the curtains, and present a very dynamic space.


In general, try to coordinate with the overall style of the home environment, or with sofas, pillows, carpets or other decorative objects, in the "seeking common ground while reserving differences" principle, usually no mistakes.

Curtain: function

A decent, elegant and beautiful curtain is not only a good home decoration, but also an important medium for shading, heat insulation and regulating indoor light.

However, there are many kinds of curtain materials, such as cotton, hemp, silk, polyester, suede, etc. If you feel too complicated, but pick bad, then choose the curtain material according to the properties of the room.

Living room curtain


For families who like to watch TV on the sofa and use the living room as the audio-visual area, the light in the living room should not be too strong, so as not to affect the audio-visual effect. It is recommended to choose thick cotton or polyester material with light blocking and heat insulation. Curtains.

If you want to make the light in the living room brighter and brighter because of the shade of the balcony, you can choose the curtains made of light or light-transparent thin cloth materials. It is also a good choice for hollow fabrics.

Bedroom curtain


Bedroom curtains can be selected according to the user's choice.

For example, the curtains of the elderly room should take into account the effects of sound insulation and light blocking.

Because the quality of sleep for the elderly is not very good, the thicker the curtains of cotton and linen, the better the sound insulation and light blocking effect, and it is easy to clean and care.

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