Customized wardrobe is best to choose wood board

- Jan 23, 2019-

The wardrobe is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, and it is used almost every day. The quality of the wardrobe affects the daily life experience. If you need a custom closet, the environmental protection and quality are preferred, and the appearance is second. The family chooses the panel for the wardrobe and wants to be durable and reliable. The industry recommends choosing wood board.


In the selection of plates, the current custom furniture manufacturers on the market are basically E0, E1 grade environmental protection panels, the E0 grade paint-free laminate is the wood board, the E1 level below the interlayer is the MDF, the wardrobe manufacturers choose the most. In terms of production process, most of the paint-free panels are assembled and fixed by self-tapping screws. The firmness is worse than the wood board, and the wood board is fixed by steel nails. The fixed distance of the steel nails is small and firm.

Environmental protection and edge-removing processes have a lot to do with it. The paint-free board adopts the adhesive process to close the edge, and the on-site woodworking adhesive edge is also a technical activity. If it is not handled well, the degumming may occur in the future. The wood board is fixed with small studs, and there is basically no opening. The paint-free board does not need to be painted on site, and the construction is convenient. However, once the board is collided, it is easy to be damaged and difficult to repair. Although the wood board is painted on site, it is relatively troublesome, but the painting needs several painting steps, and the overall painting finish will be higher. .

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