Europe, Sofia, Shangpin home delivery, custom Big Three will lead the industry in the next few years?

- Feb 16, 2019-

After the Spring Festival, listed home enterprises announced the 2018 performance forecast. Focus on the whole house custom industry customization "Big Three", estimated revenue last year: Europe 11.16 billion to 12.138 billion, Sophia 70.86 billion to 7.394 billion, Shangpin home with 6.388 billion to 6.92 billion.

Here are a few important pieces worthy of attention:

1. The European faction took the lead in breaking through the billion-dollar mark of revenue;

2. In terms of revenue, Shangpin’s pairing with Sophia formed a trend of chasing and slamming;

3. The total revenue of the Big Three is about 26.4 billion, which accounts for 10% of the market capacity of the entire home furnishing home industry.

This is the basic situation of last year. The question I am concerned about is: On the basis of the golden age of the whole house custom home industry in the past few years, where will the Big Three lead the industry in the next few years?

First, from new retail to new retail and new manufacturing seamless docking

In the field of home building materials, the whole house customization is undoubtedly the benchmark for new retail practice, and the Big Three are undoubtedly the new retail players in the whole house customization industry, new retail elements such as one-stop service, experiential consumption, and personalized customization. In the marketing practice of the Big Three, they were able to show their fullest impression. They led this trend. So, where will the next step go?

Based on the new retail practice, the industry will lead the industry to seamlessly connect new retail and new manufacturing.

Whether it is commercial or manufacturing, and today, companies that can truly adapt to new consumption, new middle-class, consumption upgrades and grading are all carrying out two revolutions: the efficiency revolution at the manufacturing end and the experience revolution at the consumer end. For the whole house custom home industry, the efficiency revolution at the manufacturing end is the essence of new manufacturing, and the consumer experience revolution is the foundation of new retail.

Therefore, Li Lianzhu, the chairman of Shangpin Home Decoration, particularly emphasized that “the future is that all manufacturing industries are service industries.” Yao Liangsong, the chairman of Europa, repeatedly suggested that “there is no efficiency revolution in manufacturing, creating value for consumers will be empty talk”. .

Therefore, whether it is Yao Liangsong or Li Lianzhu or Sofia Chairman Jiang Yan, they all pay attention to the intelligent, automation, digital, non-standard scale, information and other industrial 4.0 landing factors, all of which focus on front-end design and back-end manufacturing. Integrated implementation issues.

Second, from the whole house customization, big home to "full house customization (big home) + self-assembly" leap forward

In the past few years, it has been the golden age of the whole house custom home industry. The formation of this golden age is based on the fact that countless custom-made home furnishing companies, which are led by Europa, Sophia and Shangpin, are in line with the trend of consumption upgrading. Among them, the Big Three played an unquestionable leading role: the European party from the cabinet to the closet to the big home, the Shangpin house with the beginning of the house to pull up the whole house custom banner, Sophia from the wardrobe to the cabinet to the big home, a time, the whole house Customization and big homes are surging and rising.

Next, which direction will the Big Three lead the industry?

They will lead the industry from the whole house customization, big home to the "full house customization (big home) uniforms" leap forward, the European faction said so, Shangpin home delivery also said this, Sophia actually did the same It’s just that it’s not yet publicly stated.

Just like a single product to the whole house customization or a big home jump, in the process of the whole house customization or big home jump to the "full house customization (big home) assembly", whoever seizes the opportunity, who will win In the future, this future is not the same as the reality of the whole house customization: this future is ten times the market capacity of the whole house customization, and it is the real possibility of realizing the baggage for consumers. It is ten times the whole house custom camp. Receive the scale.

Yao Liangsong and Jiang Yan said well: Since the whole house can be customized to achieve a revenue of over 10 billion yuan, then why not make a revenue of 100 billion like Gree and the United States? !

I think, it should be, if they succeed in the jump to the whole assembly!

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