- Nov 20, 2018-

Such a delight to be involved with architects Pennant & Triumph, and renowned restauranteur Alex Isik, to bring to life the vision of Alex and his sister with Feriza’s Kitchen, Gozleme & Bar. Located in Wynyard Quarter, this stunning restaurant is opulent with rich emerald, deep blues and blush tones. Brass trims on high gloss lacquered table tops bring polish and luxury to the details. Harrows worked with the clients to source chairs and finishes to bring the vision to life.

“Bringing Feriza’s to life was about bringing together the memories of my childhood, and trying to personify not just a concept, but to fill a space with colour and life as a tribute to my sister Feriza. She is someone who is colourful in every aspect of her life, she breathes energy into any space and has the warmth and heart to make any space a home. We wanted to collaborate with someone who understood our vision, and could use texture and colour to pay tribute to our love of the Mediterranean, our traditions and our family. Working with Harrows breathed life into the brief and they produced a very personal, and very comfortable space that helped our venue to stand out from the crowd.”
Alex Isik Feriza’s Kitchen, Gozleme & Bar.

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