Finished home improvement, space is not enough, because planning is not scientific

- Jan 22, 2019-

Many people have this feeling - no matter how big the home is, space seems to be always useless. As time went by, the daily necessities accumulated in the home, including some useful and useless debris, and the visual beauty of the decoration was deprived by the invasion of space.

    The research and development team of the home decoration brand under the Yuer Decoration Group, which has been handed down to the world, has carried out special research on the problems of imperfect apartment layout and difficult space planning. The R&D team believes that the reason for the unsatisfactory decoration effect is that the design scheme lacks comprehensive considerations for the spatial aspects such as item storage and furniture placement.


In fact, these problems can be solved with the lowest cost in combination with existing apartment conditions. There are many free corners and corners in the house. If these places are effectively used, they can not only play the role of storing debris, but also achieve the effect of beautifying the living room.

Horizontal extension of scattered area

How to make rational use of incomplete walls and divided pieces of space to become part of the living room layout? The shelf fully compensates for the lack of space utilization in its varied form, scientific combination and easy installation. The arrangement of the shelves enables the edge spaces such as corners to be effectively developed, making the storage more flexible, more convenient to use, and more visually varied. In addition, the use of a variety of materials such as glass and metal provides designers with more room to play.

Wall intersection treatment

The general design method is to use the triangle formed by the plane to plan a storage space that can accommodate more items. The following ideas can be used: tailor-made combination furniture can well solve the problem of how to use the corner and small area reasonably. An excellent furniture designer generally designs the corner cabinets at the corners of the wall into 360-degree rotating corner cabinets, or the front sliding door or push-pull drawers are designed to be the most suitable furniture for the most customary use. This not only shows its rationality, but also increases the beauty of the home.

Layering of vertical space

For the space with limited horizontal area and large vertical scale, the most commonly used layered processing method. The rooms are layered and connected by a steep staircase or a ladder in the middle, which effectively enlarges the effective use area and is rich in change. In the living room, the bookshelf, writing desk, computer desk, and locker are designed in a variety of functions, and the space is fully utilized. Hanging cabinets and hammocks are suspended from the roof, which not only meets the needs, but also enhances the dynamics of the space.

Adhering to the principle of coexistence of beauty and practicality, we refused to mix and match Nancaibei and refused to pass the unproductive design of the finished product. We have been advocating for many years to provide customers with a product experience of “complete one-stop, like buying a car.” The harmony and rigor of the overall style guarantees the “face value” of the final product. At the same time, it fully understands the customer's needs and living habits in terms of functionality, and combines practicality with “Yan value” to create a good looking and easy to use. The finished new home is the core concept of the handed down research and development team and design team.

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