Fresh personality space, jumping and happy home color matching

- Jan 09, 2019-

A single residence of less than 50 square meters in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong. The male owner is from Paris and is a maverick fashion designer. He hopes to paint a bright color for the grayscale of Hong Kong's city with a warm and fresh space personality.


Indoor list

The limited space is carefully divided and utilized according to the life scale of the owner. The restaurant is integrated into the living room and extends to the outdoor balcony to create an open social event area that caters to the needs of the host.


The restaurant is combined with the living room and extends to the balcony

Jumping and happy color matching is the biggest feature of this space, and it is also a testimony to Lim + Lu's bold and unique color technique. In the main background color of pure white and light pink, the contrast between red and yellow and blue and green is filled in a large color block of the wall, seat furniture and small accessories. The whole space displays a bright temperament in the smudges of the warm and cold colors, and also vividly reproduces the vitality of life.


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