Green plant, the best soft wearer in the family

- Jan 22, 2019-

Plants are the best decoration for the mood and environment. No matter which space, you can use green plants to embellish it. No matter what the home decoration style, green plants can add points.

Plants need to be matched with the style of the home in order to add to the small family. Put a variety of green plant ornaments in your home, and build a natural world of your own, surrounded by spring.

If the balcony is well lit and airy, it can be placed in a potted plant. If you have good light, you can choose landscape plants such as rose, pomegranate, and chrysanthemum, as well as pine, cypress, and cedar trees.

If it is on the shady side, you can choose some plants such as iron tree, evergreen, boxwood, and ivy. This will make the space and pleasing effect.

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