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- Dec 28, 2018-

1, open the window ventilation

Frequent window ventilation and ventilation can effectively remove harmful gases from indoor air and purify indoor air. According to the measurement, when the doors and windows are all open and the indoor and outdoor air convection is good, the indoor and outdoor air can be exchanged once in 15 minutes.


2, open the window when cooking in the kitchen

The correct way: just use the stove to open the window. Almost every household now uses a range hood, but some friends only use a range hood and open the window when cooking, but do not use a range hood or open a window when boiling water. In fact, even if it is only boiling water, the gas exhaust gas can easily gather in the kitchen and spread to the living room and bedroom. Therefore, when using gas, open the window or use a range hood regardless of cooking.


3, can not open the window when sleeping in winter

The correct way: the window can be properly slit when sleeping in winter. When sleeping in winter, many people always like to close the door and close the window to avoid cold and cold. In fact, when the window is sleeping in winter, the window should be slit as much as possible, but to avoid convection, do not let the wind blow directly onto the body. It is not advisable to open a window when you are sick or encountering strong winds or heavy rain.

4, fog can not open the window

The correct way: smog days need to open the window at regular intervals. In the case of very severe smog, reduce the window opening time. It is best to open the window with a screen window and use a humidifier, a humidifying spray, or a basin of water on the heater to increase the humidity of the air and allow dust and microorganisms to sink.

5, there is enough air purifier


The correct way: natural ventilation is the king. At present, the general air purifiers on the market can only remove dust, remove fumes and odors, and slightly better kill bacteria and viruses. However, the use of an air purifier in a closed space for a long time may cause secondary pollution. When the air quality is improved, it is not necessary to open the air purifier for a long time, and natural ventilation should be the best choice.

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