Home show is the show of big brands, the arena of small brands

- Mar 19, 2019-

According to industry insiders, every industry's off-season is the best time for companies to "train". Enterprises have more time and energy to share and communicate. This year, for many industries, they are facing the pain of transformation and change, and home building materials companies are seeking to “change”. Therefore, the full play of the industry's booster function during the off-season has become a key factor in the industry association's activities concentrated in the spring of March.


The audience has changed a lot.

Vaguely remember, in the years of 2008-2014, the home-based exhibitions, the exhibitors are still mainly dealers, as long as exhibitors go to the home-style exhibitions, they can always get a lot of accurate customers, have joined, and have material resources to dock. Etc. In 2010-2014, after every exhibition of many custom home brands, the investment results of the exhibition will be displayed in a big way. For example, Han Li Home, Kefan’s 3 days exhibition will sign 150 new dealers. Joining, and even more, claiming that an exhibition can attract 200 companies, and it is unclear what the results will be.

However, one thing is certain is that the home building materials exhibition has played a big role in promoting the brand, attracting investment and docking resources.

Nowadays, there are so many furniture exhibitions that can be described by cow hair. However, with the increase of furniture exhibitions, individual exhibitions no longer have the previous influence, which makes the benefits of each exhibition weak.

(1) Original product plagiarism is fast

With the maturity of the industry, the status of originality has finally been valued by more and more enterprises, but it is inevitable that the originality has been “flooding” in recent years.

Encouraging originality is right, only originality is the source of a company's vitality. However, in recent years, many companies used original design as props, and invited some designers to be guests. When everyone rushed to imitate, they violated the original intention of original design.

The original design should be integrated into the R&D and production of the factory, not the flashy, only the gimmicks that existed at the exhibition. The design is out of the actual and cannot be used for production.

There are many exhibitions that hold high the banner of original design, but still do the plagiarism of foreign brands such as Milan Furniture Fair, and still have not changed their own old problems, this will undoubtedly still have to give a big question mark to the current exhibition function.

(2) The dealers tend to be stable, and those who choose new projects are reduced.

At present, well-known brands and influential dealers have gradually been born in various industries in various places. With the gradual maturity of the industry, the dealer group has gradually stabilized, and newcomers are decreasing. According to relevant surveys, it is easier for emerging industries to find target dealers, and the traditional, mature industry investment desire has gradually decreased.

In addition, the rise of major investment platforms and the increase of China Merchants Outsourcing Co., Ltd. are gradually diverting the dealer groups participating in the exhibition. Many dealers do not leave the house. Just leave a message and send a message, and there will be more than N manufacturers business managers. The third-party investment platform calls, plus WeChat to discuss exchanges, and even direct visits, which to some extent reflects the mobile Internet era, convenient information and smooth communication.

The participating audiences have become the exchange platform of the industry from the former dealers, and they have mutual understanding and exchanges.

Business is more pragmatic

(1) The Matthew effect is prominent, the strong is strong

As the market continues to mature and after several rounds of reshuffle, the mature companies have firmly stood on their heels, and as the Matthew effect intensifies, it is difficult for small companies to turn over and fight. The high and the low have been clearly clear.

The exhibition should have been a stage where flowers bloomed, but the intensification of the Matthew effect made the big brands bigger and smaller, but the smaller the smaller, although this is the result of market selection, but the dealers participating in the exhibition are profitable and avoiding. The end result is that the exhibition has become a platform that serves only a few companies, and more companies have become the green leaves of the flowers.

(2) Under the economic winter, enterprises are more realistic

The function of the exhibition has changed for big companies, and the exhibition is just the stage for them to display the brand image. It became a "brushing presence". The main battlefields of big companies are no longer in the exhibition, but in their respective factories.

In recent years, under the current market situation of low real estate situation, the home building materials brand has also been greatly affected. In the external promotion of brand promotion, the exhibition is more cautious.

We may wish to calculate the input cost of an exhibition, calculated in 200 areas, the booth fee is about 200,000, the construction cost is 250,000, the sample is 200,000, and the cost of staff travel, accommodation, reception, etc. is about 50,000, which means The participation of 200 parties will not be less than 700,000.

The purpose of exhibiting enterprises is nothing more than promoting brand and attracting investment. The first-line brand has already completed the national market layout. The participation is nothing more than “give face” or “brushing presence”. A large number of small and medium-sized enterprises participate in the exhibition, which is for investment. 70-800,000, but may only be able to recruit about 10 intent dealers, and finally settled in 2 stores, that is, invested 700,000, and successful investment.

Realistic cases abound!

(3) Decrease in the efficiency of home exhibitions

With the development of technology, more dealers are no longer the main means of choice if they want to find a company that suits them.

In the era of network and information, the way of communication between dealers and enterprises is no longer single. Mobile Internet and third-party platforms can be said to break this cage, allowing people to get the information they want in a simpler and faster way. For example, Jumei Technology launched the “Exploration Report”, Cheng Jinjin’s investment in the launch of the hot wheels, and Huiya Information’s small peer-to-peer investment associations, etc., which have greatly changed the situation of simply making investment decisions by the exhibition.

Under the current economic environment, the pressure on enterprises to participate in the exhibition is getting bigger and bigger, the cost of investment is getting higher and higher, and the benefits are getting smaller and smaller. I have to say that the big show makes the manufacturers complain, 2-3 days to finish reading, but also to communicate, often tired and squatting; the exhibition is too much, for the manufacturers, tired of coping, difficult to offer quality .

Looking at the future from a higher perspective, the industry concentration will definitely become more concentrated. It is truly sustainable in the business model, innovative in product design and development, and truly influential in brand marketing. There are only a handful of companies, and the opportunities can only belong to a small part. A large number of enterprises that do not have system competitiveness will be further squeezed, but the process will not be too fast.

This is the next 3-5 years. Under the background of the new era, the industry pattern will definitely change very obviously. A small number of enterprises are destined to really go ashore, and there will be one after another, the leek will be harvested, and there is no way. Things.

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