How to choose the color of the table and chairs of the western restaurant?

- Sep 19, 2018-

In the pursuit of comfortable and elegant Western restaurants, table and chair matching is very important, which is not only a respect for consumers, but also a good role in shaping the image of the restaurant. In the color selection, most of the western restaurant styles tend to be warm colors. The decoration style of this warm color series is an important feature that is favored by many consumers. When customizing the table and chairs of the western restaurant, the table selection is solid wood. Class-style furniture, solid wood dining table is closer to nature, and also has a soothing effect on the eyes. It has a certain soothing effect on eye fatigue, then this is the effect we want, in the dining chair or the deck sofa. In the choice of fabric color, the color of the beating is not selectable. For example, green, red, purple, blue, etc. Some bright colors, we try not to choose, because these colors give people a kind of use. Uncomfortable visual experience, bright colors used in Western restaurants, the entire space is very messy, thus lacking an elegant and casual atmosphere unique to the restaurant, choose fabrics, try to choose a color flat and docile color, avoid The color overlap has a layered feel, which further tests whether the design of the design has a level.

In the choice of the color of the dining table or the dining chair, there is also the same rule, that is, to avoid the color of the publicity, and to use less color, the wood color table is the best color, as to whether to choose the color table of the light, according to the restaurant The degree of light is determined, if it is dark indoors, then the bright desktop is a good choice to improve the brightness of the room. For the dining table legs, there are generally black painted cast iron feet, plated stainless steel table legs, and of course there are a few real wooden table feet, which is also selected according to the restaurant cost. The color matching of the dining space should be based on consumers, we do All are responsible for the consumer.

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