How to create a cabinet that looks good?

- Jan 24, 2019-

First, how to create a good looking high value cabinet

Now the design of the cabinet is more popular in the embedded cabinet, the cabinet and the wall are flush, so that the facade is more clean and tidy on the line, so that the cabinet only reveals one side, the overall appearance looks higher, a sense of quality Born spontaneously.


Second, how to do the embedded cabinet?

The first method is to smash the wall; to knock off part of the wall or to dig a part of it, sometimes to improve the utilization of the space, which is both aesthetically pleasing and reinforced for small units. Of course, not all walls can be smashed, and the load-bearing walls must not move.

The second method is to create a fake wall; a fake wall divides the space into two. The use of false wall partitions will not affect the visual penetration and the transparency of the space, and the personality is full.


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