How to distinguish leather?

- Sep 19, 2018-

The types of leather are different, and their characteristics and uses are also different. For example, cow leather has a thin surface and high strength, which is most suitable for making leather shoes; sheep leather is light, thin and soft, and is an ideal fabric for leather garments;
Pig leather: The pores on the surface of the leather are round and thick, and they are inclined into the leather. The pores are arranged in three groups. The leather surface has many small triangular patterns and has good air permeability.
Cow leather: Both yellow cattle leather and buffalo leather are called cow leather, but there are certain differences between the two. The pores on the surface of the yellow cattle leather are round and straight into the leather. The pores are tight and even, and the arrangement is irregular, like a starry sky. The pores on the surface of buffalo leather are thicker than those of yellow cattle leather. The number of pores is less than that of yellow cattle leather, and the leather quality is slack. It is not as fine as yellow water leather.
Horse leather: The hair on the surface of the leather is also oval, slightly larger than the pores of the yellow cattle leather, and arranged in a regular pattern.
Sheepskin: The pores of the leather grain are oblate, the pores are clear, and several pieces are grouped together and arranged in a fish scale.

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