​How to enlarge the table and chairs of the restaurant

- Sep 19, 2018-

In the big restaurant, there are many people, tables and chairs are not well placed, but it is a mess, eating is bustling, we have an orderly restaurant, we must first have the order of tables and chairs.
First, the table and chairs in the restaurant can not be too close to the location of the order, can not save much space, the location of the order to open, is conducive to taking meals and leaving.
Second, buy tables and chairs, try to buy some simple and solid, do not have too many frameworks, generous and decent, so that the restaurant is more beautiful.
Third, the restaurant is a place for people to eat, not a pigsty, and a bowl under the sole of the foot. There must be no such design. The table and chairs are placed in a humanized manner, and one eye is tormenting people.

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