How to match the style you like? Quickly look at the 6 elements of the soft suit

- Jan 17, 2019-


Tip 1: Light up the space focus

It will be more difficult for the non-professional owner to make the overall space. It will be easier to start from the point of view. The key to transforming the space can be a wall, a corner, a balcony, a set of lights or a large piece of furniture. Then focus on the idea and redesign.


Tip 2: Zoom in on your heart

The home should be the reflection of the owner. The personality of the owner can be magnified in this private space. What kind of heart is good, even if it is dried out, such as loving old movies, yearning for the African land, commemorating a certain journey, etc., it can fill the space. Personal characteristics can also make the occupants feel happy and fulfilled.


Tip 3: Frames decorate the wall to make the home more vivid

Don't neglect the decorative effect of the photo frame. The photo frame can have a lot of loads, mirrors, photographic works, paintings, paper carvings, embroidery, etc., and then according to the surrounding environment with different sizes and hanging methods, the space aesthetic index is rising. 


Tip 4: Magic Cloth Makes Big Body

Every home has a variety of fabrics, and the area is quite large, but because it is common, it is easy to be neglected. In fact, through the transformation of bedding, curtains, carpets, sofa covers, pillows, tablecloths, and tapestries, Minutes make your eyes shine.

Tip 5: The pattern is visually eye-catching


Patterns are always easy to attract attention. You can ask professional painters or diy various patterns on the wall, furniture, screens, etc. It is more simple to choose a piece of eye-catching furniture to ensure that the eyesight is 100%.

Tip 6: Repeatedly emphasize the theme color

Select a color in the existing space as the main color, and replace the surrounding soft decoration around it. Because of the original color basis, it is very convenient to implement, and the effect is both colorful and safe.

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