Join the Pizza Hut and walk into the Mediterranean

- Feb 18, 2019-

   The world-famous pizza chain brand “Pizza” has entered the Chinese market for 28 years. As a “Western-style casual catering expert”, it has continuously escaped standardization and broke the “one-hundred-store one-side” model of chain catering, creating a sense of freshness for customers.

This case is a fusion of exquisite Mediterranean style and modernity. Warm white arches and cast iron lighting create a sense of stability. Hexagonal wall tiles, marine blue seat sofas, and flowing small lights make the space more dynamic.

The retro red brick wall, the louver fan and the round card seat have a unique combination of heaven and earth, so that the diners seem to be in a Spanish town with a romantic atmosphere. About time, about food, about encounters, more imagination to swim here. 

The space condenses the brand concept of “pizza experts and fresh food”, and the large pizza town illustrator sets the vitality of the food in the space scene, the cooking utensils and the creative display of the ingredients, allowing the diners to directly talk with the food and enhance the intimate experience.

We hope that a beautiful restaurant, like a stage of daily life, dating, chatting, meditation, laughter, and a hundred-story life come on stage...

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