Leather sofa daily maintenance tips

- Dec 29, 2018-

Is daily simple cleaning really enough? How to make the sofa fade and tarnish.

We recommend that when purchasing a new sofa, use a clean soft cloth to clean the surface of the sofa with dust or dirt before use, as the first maintenance of the sofa.


As the saying goes, it is necessary to prevent problems before they happen. The leather sofa is also the same. In order to avoid damage, the sofa is tarnished. We must take protective measures on the maintenance issue.


The leather sofa has a rich pores and good air permeability. It is easy to absorb the things adhering to the surface. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the oily and acidic substances from contacting the contaminated sofa to reduce the corrosion of the leather.


It is not enough to prevent stains, we must also prevent the occurrence of cracks.

The hardening and cracking of the leather sofa is mainly caused by cracking caused by excessive local force or sharp sharp scratches, so we should try to avoid scratching the sofa with metal sharps. In addition, the sofa should be prevented from frequent contact with water and direct sunlight, because the oil film will be accelerated and destroyed, and the fibers inside the leather will stick together and eventually become hard and brittle.

Leather sofa daily maintenance:

The sofa should not be placed in a place exposed to sunlight to prevent the leather from cracking and fading.


The sofa can't be too close to the electrical appliances with heat, such as electric appliances such as electric heaters.

If the leather sofa is accidentally drenched into the rain, the water drops should be dried and placed in a ventilated and cool place to be air-dried. Do not use drying.

The seat surface of the sofa should be frequently changed to sit on the ground, so that each place should be evenly stressed to maintain the overall beauty of the sofa.


For the screen and armrests of the sofa, it is best not to sit or load heavy objects for a long time.

The dermis has strong absorption, and attention should be paid to antifouling. High-grade matte leather should pay special attention.

Daily cleaning of leather sofas:

If there is stain on the sofa, wipe it with a clean sponge and wipe it off (do not scrub with water), then let it dry naturally.

Wipe dry with a dry towel once a week, wring it out, and wipe it several times.

The sofa should be cleaned regularly, and then washed with leather protectant for care.

The high-quality leather surface is inevitably subject to minor scars, which can be diluted by hand warmth and oil.

Hardware maintenance on leather, wipe with a dry cloth, oxidation can be gently wiped with flour or toothpaste.

Painted leather can only be wiped with a soft cloth, or the special oil for maintenance should be wiped on a soft cloth.

If the leather sofa produces black spots, try using the same color leather and rubbing with alcohol.

If the leather sofa is more polluted, try using an eraser to gently push the dirt out of the square to remove the dirt.

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