Meiyimei restaurant:light and luxurious, with a lot of publicity

- Dec 19, 2018-

When I draw a sun,

I hope people feel that it is spinning at an amazing speed.

Is making a horrible wave of light and heat;

When I paint a field of wheat,

I hope people feel the wheat

Working towards their final maturity and bloom;

When I paint a man,

I will draw his life.

—— Van Gogh



The infinitely radiant enthusiasm of life will always shine in the spirit of the sky, shining through many people who are unwilling to be mediocre, chasing the most vivid and wonderful life.


And when the heat of life makes the dream finally bloom, I want to find a "home" for it, and become the spiritual portrayal of many passionate modern people. Of course, this "home" should not only be quiet and stable, but also open. A little extravagant space may just match it.


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