On the importance of the restaurant, relying on the visual to provoke your taste buds

- Jan 14, 2019-

The importance of restaurant design in space

Far below the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom

But an excellent restaurant

You can provoke your taste buds by sight.





What should I pay attention to when setting up the restaurant?

How to design a small apartment restaurant?

Restaurant decoration needs to meet the three-point principle

1. Quiet, hygienic and comfortable

2. Independent

3. Connect with the kitchen

If the use space is limited




Need to plan according to the actual situation

Large units have enough space to freely arrange

Designed for tableware, decoration, furniture, etc.

Make an independent match

Big with big, small with small

Restaurant furniture size can be selected according to the actual space size

Small size below 90m2 1m /1.2m dining table

A house of about 100m2, a dining table of 1.3m / 1.4m

Large table of 120m2 or so, 1.5m / 1.6m dining table

Table and chairs are placed at a distance of 80cm from the wall


Easy to pull out the chair

Have a more relaxed dining environment

Choose a round table or a square table to plan according to the length and width of the living room.

It is better to choose a long table if the width is not enough.

Round table is more occupied

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