Open up a corner to create a study room for one person

- Jan 23, 2019-

Some people yearn for an independent study, but there is no way to achieve it because of the size of the home.

In fact, as long as you open a corner in the living room, bedroom or hallway, you can put your desk, chair and shelf books all together to form a mini study room.

01. Use the window edge


Place your desk next to the brightly lit window, which is the best choice. If the sun is glaring, use blinds or gauze to adjust the brightness.

▲ Shelf under the window: both the window sill and the desk


▲ small shelf on the window side

The top of the wall lamp is also quite creative! It saves the space of the small floor wall, and the vertical thin lines have the effect of pulling up.

▲ Study room at the corner of the balcony


Side cabinet + shelf table + wall cabinet bookcase, all floating and not landing, refreshing and simple, easy to clean.

02. Use the corner

▲ Blackboard wall for your graffiti decoration, shelf provides wall storage space

03. Create a small space


In the corners, porches, and even the cabinets, use their natural enclosed structure to form a semi-open desk area.

Of course, if you are not satisfied with the degree of encirclement, you can add some partitions yourself.

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