People love Morandi's dust

- Jan 04, 2019-

People love Morandi's dust, Morandi, for a lifetime only to bring the color called gray. At the beginning of the painting, Morandi will paint some bright colors and cover it with a layer of paint to make the paintings have some kind of "internal hair" warmth. It is this painting process that can build that kind of grayscale and distance.

Today, our love of gray powder is the best nostalgia for Morandi.

Morandi's pink and gray match has a healing sensation, but it is not strong. Inadvertent restraint also best reflects the normal state of life.


Therefore, it is often used by the masters in home design. The Tofana Hotel in the Italian Valley of Brazil is just like this, creating a space that is not greasy, and it is amazing.

The pink of different gray scales is placed in a transparent dining environment, and the line of sight is focused on the chandelier in the center of the space. Under the shade of the same-tone seats and the roof, it shows a low-key elegance.

In the daily home design, the color of the romantic and elegant pink is also very popular.

As a color authority, Pantone also uses pink to comfort the world. Whether it is the 2016 popular color Rose Quartz rose powder, or the Pale Dogwood in the middle of 2017, it gives a soft, quiet feeling.

The color purity of the bedroom should not be too high, and the soft gray, pink and white are just right.


If you don't like to use pink in large areas, you can start rendering from an object, such as a chair. Under the white and gray background, bare pink is especially gentle.

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