Planning positioning needs to be considered in catering design

- Feb 18, 2019-

A good dining space design should have a distinct theme. The content of the theme is the soul of catering design. How to grasp the theme? Catering design company should have a design plan before design, master the content and overall plan of catering design, to be aware of it, and to be targeted, such catering design works are persuasive, vitality and appeal. We believe that designers should consider the following before designing a dining space:


1. Conduct necessary market research

Before establishing the theme of dining space design, the designer should conduct an overall survey of the market and ask a series of questions through the survey, such as why people walk into the restaurant? Why choose a different restaurant to eat? Because the food and beverage market is composed of customers with different needs. The consumer group, solving hunger and entering the restaurant, is the basic needs of people. However, most diners choose different restaurants for two reasons: one is to choose a restaurant with different tastes; the other is that people hope to relax their nerves and satisfy their spiritual needs, so the catering design should be integrated into culture. Function, find the emotions you need from eating.

2, understand the emotional needs of customers

Customers are the target of competition for catering companies. At the beginning of the design, the catering design company should further analyze the emotional needs of consumers, conduct in-depth analysis around a certain topic, determine the consumer groups targeted by the design objects, and combine the consumption power of the consumer groups, what kind of lifestyles they like and what they need. The emotional space and other factors are considered together. Catering design companies can only grasp customers if they understand the emotions of customers. Therefore, the high, medium and low positioning of the catering space service group determines the choice of catering design, which is also a key factor in the success of a restaurant.

3. Understand the product content of the business

Whether the dining space of the catering design company can attract customers and meet the needs of people, the theme of the catering space is very important. For example, a restaurant that operates Japanese sushi products will definitely choose the theme of Japanese food culture. The design of a Japanese-style dining space should be closely related to Japanese culture, religion, production and life, and should follow the customs of Japan. Catering design companies generally design Japanese-style restaurants in the form of traditional Japanese low-rise huts, while the original sliding doors, Japanese-style dining habits, low dining tables, waiters in kimonos, natural Bamboo and wooden decorations form the theme of Japanese restaurant design.

4. Establish creative ideas for design themes


When a product is put on the market, the theme should be established with creativity. How to establish the creative concept of the theme of catering design? First of all, we must carry out the necessary analysis and understanding to accurately understand the cultural connotation of the theme. In the design of many theme restaurants, it is necessary to analyze which type of cultural products the theme belongs to, such as the theme of folklore, the theme of nostalgia or the theme of modern fashion. After the theme of the dining space is determined, the catering design company will then conceive ideas around the theme and design a dining space with distinctive colors.

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