Semi-open fashion design meets kitchen functionality and practicality

- Jan 02, 2019-

Planning layout to avoid three "over"

Avoid storage and overuse


The small size of the apartment is limited, and the full storage can save space and extend the visual effect.

However, the use of space should be reasonable and excessive, and excessive storage will only make the space more dense and crowded, which will create a sense of oppression.



In-line or built-in storage furniture can be used to prevent too many items from being stored and obstructing the vision. The wall shelf should not be stored too much, and one wall is enough.

Avoid excessive division of regions

There is not much space for small-sized houses, and the emphasis on regional division will appear to be narrower in all areas of the space.

In order to highlight the sense of the area, many people use different materials and heights to divide the area, which creates a “cloister” phenomenon in small units, which hinders vision and wastes space.



Consider more open and spatially interactive layouts, such as a guest restaurant, an open kitchen, etc., to reduce the hard division of the area.

Avoid too few outlets

Although the size of the apartment is small, the daily life needs will not be reduced. In particular, the small-sized households are mostly small families or young wage-earners, and the demand for electricity distribution is even worse. If the switch interface is reserved too little during renovation, it will be used for subsequent rework and daily life. Both caused a lot of inconvenience.



In the early stage of design, it is necessary to make Ningfu rich, so as to avoid the lack of interface after the change of furniture and pattern in the later stage.

Furniture configuration avoids three "taboos"

Avoid storage and overuse

The owner usually buys large pieces of comfortable furniture when the head is hot, but it is obvious that large pieces of furniture are not suitable for small units. In addition to the large volume of space, it is more important that it is inconvenient to move and place, and it will make the small apartment look more crowded.



The choice of small-sized furniture should be based on practical and compact. Follow the principle of “Ning Xiao Bu Da Da”, first plan the size of the furniture on the drawings, and then choose to buy. Also consider the storage function, such as the perimeter of the bed should choose a cabinet with drawers, the wardrobe should be narrower and more hierarchical.

Avoid using blind mirrors to create transparency

Mirrors are widely used in small spaces due to the reflection of reference objects, but the rational use of mirrors is not a small problem, too much can cause dizziness.

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