Semi-open fashion design meets kitchen functionality and practicality

- Jan 22, 2019-

As a place where three meals a day are born, the functionality and practicality of the kitchen is the primary consideration in the design of the decoration, followed by the aesthetics.


The semi-open kitchen breaks the traditional closed style, and chooses one side to open on the basis of retaining the original kitchen frame, which makes the small space more visually wide, changing the sense of occlusion of the traditional kitchen in the past, convenient and convenient, convenient and stylish. It is in line with the longing and pursuit of a beautiful life in the heart of modern people. Usually the semi-open kitchen is separated from other spaces by glass partitions, transparent doors and bar dividers.


According to the type of apartment, "industry and clever use", the overall design of the kitchen, dining room, living room, looking into the distance, the entire space is open and bright, so that the temperament of the space will suddenly improve.

Semi-open - glass partition


The transparent door is used as a glass partition to separate the kitchen from other spaces, and you can see everything outside through the glass and communicate with the outside world.

Moreover, the glass doors are transparent and mutually light, which can increase the brightness of the room and enlarge the visual sense of space.

Whether it's illuminating light or daylight, it creates a warm atmosphere in the kitchen, so that every meal is surrounded by happiness.

▲ Rough industrial style with warm light


Semi-open - bar design

The kitchen and living room are separated by a bar, which not only helps the kitchen to separate the space area, but also has a practical effect.

▲ The bar can also be replaced with a movable table

▲ Small kitchen can also be full of sunshine and mood

Semi-open - door opening


The ingenuity of the doorway gives the design of the home trend, can increase the communication between family members, and make cooking become two people.

▲ The cool color of the door hole is high-level


▲ The built-in type takes into account the position of the load-bearing wall and can be modified.

The door opening design is like a window in the restaurant, and it is a romantic thing to wait patiently for the food that the family has made.


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