Shanghai Golden Eagle Plaza flagship store

- Dec 07, 2018-

Owner: G.K. Korea

Completion time: 2016.12

Area: 300 sqm

Venue: Golden Eagle Plaza, Nanjing West Road, Shanghai

GK BRIDAL is a collection of two major bridal brands in Spain and South Korea, inspired by the Rose Arcade in the Versailles gardens. The transparent window glass transmits the room connected by the three-story arch, the light passes through the window, the veils, and the white chiffon wedding dress is constantly changing. Everything is like the natural changing light, let the young girls of GK BRIDAL In a kind of relative and elegant environment. The furnishings of the soft furnishings are exquisite and light as petals, and the decoration is natural, the space connected by the arches, strolling among them, and moving in different places. In the elegant and fresh fitting room, there is a set of macaron-colored sofas, with a golden coffee table and decorations. Here, there is no boring, the bride is in the moment when the curtains are opened, such as the fairy, the rich Emotional experience Through the design of space, the "Best Girlfriend" service infects GK BRIDAL girls who are elegant and believe in happiness dreams.

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