Shoe cabinet with strong storage, are you home?

- Jan 24, 2019-

Today, I recommend some shoe cabinets with powerful storage, which is not only good-looking but also very practical.


1. The shoe cabinet is built according to the wall. The shoe cabinet with larger area has more functions. It can also have the function of shoe cabinet, the function of the cloakroom, the function of the locker. The utilization rate is high and the use is convenient. A cabinet can Top three, very advantageous.


2, the shoe cabinet from the bottom to do the ceiling, make full use of the space, so that you can store more shoes, even health is better, very practical.


3, the shoe cabinets are generally installed at the entrance, need to be convenient to use, and does not affect the appearance, the in-line shoe cabinet and the wall surface are consistent, make full use of space.


4, the shoe cabinet has more layers, more shoes, the height of the layer also has a variety of sizes, convenient to store shoes of different heights.


5, the bottom of the shoe should be left blank, a height of 15-20 cm, from the outside back, you can easily put the shoes into it, not so ugly at the door.


6, working a day back home is already very tired, you can sit down and slowly change shoes when you enter the door, it will be a lot easier, the elderly, children can change shoes, can not sit tired, not tired.


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