Small dining table design

- Jan 09, 2019-

No matter what type of apartment you encounter, the problem of eating is always unavoidable. For small units, many functions may be omitted due to the small space, but the table still has to be. Let's talk about how to make good use of the space to create a comfortable dining environment.

Table design 1, use all space


Not afraid of small space, I am afraid of people. Try to use the corners of the kitchen as much as possible, not only for the family to eat comfortably, but also to increase the beauty of the kitchen. A bench made of partitions in the corner, with the wall as the backrest, and below as the storage space, the magazine newspaper is placed inside. You can also nail some shelves on the wall, put books, tableware or crafts, as you feel.

Table design 2, extendable dining table


For some people, in addition to eating, the table is still a place for reading, tea ceremony, and meeting guests. In order to meet the versatility of the table, a large desktop is necessary. Otherwise, everything placed on the table must be moved when it comes to eating, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Therefore, this table that can expand the desktop solves the problem. When you need it, turn the desktop on and the other part will not be affected. Even if the table is messy, it will not affect the family's meal. This casual family atmosphere makes people feel more comfortable.

Dining table design 3, open bar


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