Small items match to make your home more class!

- Jan 08, 2019-

1, simple and elegant carpet

The elegant carpet clearly draws the meeting area of the living room. The white sofa is matched with the overall tone of the living room. The fresh and simple floor-to-ceiling windows are designed to be behind the sofa, exuding the morning sun.


2, fashion retro sofa coffee table

The modern sofa coffee table combines the beauty of a stylish space with the minimalist style. The calm and restrained fireplace is like bringing you to the wealthy homes of the Middle Ages, fresh and retro.


3, pink sofa eyeball

The pink sofa is set against the backdrop of layered black and white walls. Fresh and simple, sleek and simple, three or two simple designs can easily create a sense of space under modernism.


4, harmonious uniform texture pattern

Whether it is the floor, the cargo cabinet or the cargo shelf, the texture of the texture is the same, which makes the restaurant visually achieve a sense of unobstructedness.


5, open space, smart partition

Open space, how to divide the area? The designer cleverly puts a whole piece of black and white as a partition wall, creating a free space, a patchwork layout, and a combination of practicality and architectural aesthetics.

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