Soft dress is an art!

- Jan 14, 2019-

Soft clothing is a commercial art, and the essence of commercial art ultimately requires additional customer value, and the real soft-fit with art concept is what each of our soft-wearing practitioners should set up!


First, respect the facts

The difference between design art and pure art is that design is a combination of fact and art imagination, and it achieves both good looks and practicality. And art can be extraordinary, imaginative, and aesthetic.

Respect for the facts is to respect the function and to be the first in the function. The so-called function, like the tops, pants, underwear and shoes of clothes, is indispensable. Without these basic functions, perfection is an empty thing.

Second, objective judgment

The most difficult to conquer with art is subjective consciousness. Because beauty is impermanent and transforming. Personal preferences are also very different. So, what should be done about this? That is an objective judgement.


Objective judgment should start from a few points:

The first is the type, the type is the sense of form of the article, pay attention to its breakthrough and creativity, and the unity between things;

The second is quality, quality is the quality and workmanship of this item is exquisite and fine, detailed processing is fine;

Again, color, color is about harmony and unity, is the theme of space, is an important part of the should and style positioning and enjoyment of people's vision.

Therefore, a good match is an objective judgment of all aspects, and then subjective consciousness can be determined to be perfect.

Third, embellish the art


In addition to the positioning of the main function, the art of decoration is the matching of curtains, hanging pictures, crafts and various accessories. A little more popular, except for tops, trousers, shoes, and underwear, scarves, headwear, and makeup are the art of embellishment.

There are not many embellishments, but they can't be without them. Just like an eye that draws a dragon and waits for it, if it is missing, this dragon will not have the spirit.

Embellishment should start with style and color, and the matching method can be divided into coordination, contrast and compatibility.

Coordination: It means the feeling of integration. If the floor finish and the main functional items are all light wood color, then the curtain accessories all follow the main body in the same color system, find the contrast in the same color system, and produce the sketch. Shadow changes, complete the unification and coordination of the entire space.

The spatial effect produced by this is harmonious and warm.

Contrast: The color combination of the space is done by completely different contrasting colors.

The contrasting method is more and more flexible. It can be deep floor, light finish, curtains and floor coordination, painting and crafts embellishment; can be shallow ground, deep veneer curtains coordination, accessories embellishment... many ways, the key is coordination.

The space embodied by the comparison is mainly the visual impact of “spirit, vitality, stability, and personality”.

Compatibility: It is a deep change, that is, the style and style are compatible, it is like the accessories of the clothes are exquisite and good-looking. Why is compatibility between style and style?

For example, in a modern style house, put a Chinese or a representative item with a modern style in a metaphysical or a certain part, its depth is publicity and not exaggerated, individuality and taste.

Fourth, pay attention to the main points

Curtains: Curtains are the main link in the collocation, which plays a role in matching and embellishment. The texture of the curtain should be soft and heavy, the texture of the yarn should be light and floating, and the hand feels soft and high quality. The curtains of the common space such as the living room can be "transparent", and the curtains of the bedroom should be "strict".


Hanging painting: There is no brand for furniture. As long as the color, quality and shape are good, the painting must be tasted and deep, because the painting can represent a person's aesthetic quality and identity.

Crafts: You can use imitations, but it can't be made without refinement.

The combination can be light and heavy, just like a girl's makeup can not be changed, but must be a little lipstick, the spirit of the finishing touch is just right, it is the best effect.

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