Tatami can make the most of the space, let's take a look at the following methods.

- Jan 09, 2019-


Step 1

— tatami dining chair —

Required area: 2 square meters

design concept

The wall is used as a backrest to save space and the bottom can store. The cushion is more comfortable than the chair, and the family sits together to increase intimacy.

Decoration points:

❶ Choose the right Bay window, non-moving line;

❷The cushion color is the same as the dining chair;

❸ Choose a low cabinet to make it open or closed.


Step 2

— Tatami restaurant -

Required area: 5 square meters

design concept

If the standard dinette is not enough in a small space, the tatami will make the most of the space and double the sitting area. When you are not eating, you can take a rest and read a book when you put on the curtains.

Decoration points:

❶This design is suitable for units with corner space;

The height of the lift table is about 45mm, which is more suitable for dining.


Step 3

— Tatami as L-type locker —

Required area: 5 square meters

design concept

If the living room is wide and it is not good to grow a sofa, it is better to take 1/3 of the space to make a tatami. One to increase the storage space, and two to tatami can sleep on the sofa bed.

Decoration points:

The length of the tatami mat should be controlled;

The storage cabinet above the tatami mats should be closed to prevent things from getting on the tatami.

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