The living room makes friends linger

- Jan 09, 2019-

If your home is a loft, a villa, or a self-built house, the living room can try to pick up the empty living room design, which is not only beautiful but also very layered!

The definition of empty:


The pick-up is also called "drawing", which refers to the indoor space part of the villa or the duplex type. The second floor slab recedes, so that the height of the floor is more than two layers. This part of the space is what we call the pick. air.

The benefits of picking up:


A relatively perfect empty living room will make your whole house look magnificent, although the word sounds a bit vulgar, but for a house with a large space and a high height, every owner wants to achieve this kind of openness. effect.

Some tips for picking up:


So the advice for picking up the empty living room is:

1 Set the position of the living room at the most window, the best place for the house to shine, so that the light enters the living room fully, the whole visual effect is very different, lighting is always the most important point of a house.


2 If the small-sized apartment is worried about the crowding problem, then the estimated worry about the empty pick-up living room is that it seems to be a problem with space. So to avoid this problem, the empty living room can also be properly partitioned in the local area, which can increase the layering of the living room, so that the big house does not appear to be "cold."


3 In addition, the decoration and accessories in the empty living room are also very important. You can try to hang the wall-mounted paintings in line with the overall style, or install several unique wall lamps according to the designer's suggestion. With these decorations, the whole living room is more atmospheric.

The empty living room is mainly in the villa or in the self-built house in the countryside. We must understand it to feel the design beauty of the empty living room. We can grasp the beauty and we can design our own home. Look good!

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