TV background wall, there is always a true love powder

- Jan 09, 2019-

As far as a family is concerned, what kind of decoration atmosphere you choose depends on the matching of your wall. We always choose furniture with great care, but there are not many people working hard under the wall. A well-designed wall will free the whole family from monotonous and dull, novel and creative wall design, integrate art into life, and create a personalized aesthetic home model. How to design TV background wall?


The living room is simple and simple, and the comfortable sofa can accommodate a family to play on it. The space is mainly white, clean and tidy, but it is a bit monotonous and boring, but the overall TV background wall is uneven, giving a visual impact. The whole home is simple but not lacking in vitality. The staggered background wall is very three-dimensional, and its stripes and embossed texture also make the space full of texture and charm.


The TV is inlaid into the background wall, and it is integrated with the decoration of the whole home. The hanging TV saves space and makes the TV main wall more light. The TV background wall is decorated with multiple display frames, which is not only beautiful, but also enhances the storage function of the space. It bids farewell to the traditional suspension mode, but has a high standard for the previous design.


Based on the traditional Chinese style, the details of the designer through the careful transformation of the overall effect of the changes, so that the traditional style is no longer dull, in the nostalgia reflects the owner's distinctive cultural accomplishment and taste. To set off the choice of traditional furniture and the creation of traditional culture. Then with the modern design + ceiling light + stone table, it is more unique.


At first glance, the wall and the home decoration are incompatible, but the finishing touch of the whole house is on this dark green wall. Because of the low-key character of the owner, we chose a relatively fresh and natural color. The faint dark green color of the wall, the living room has become elegant and warm.

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