What are the principles for catering brand VI design to follow?

- Feb 18, 2019-

The world is big, there are thousands of good-looking restaurants, and there are not many restaurants that are memorable. The impression of the restaurant is not based on gorgeous decoration, the beautiful lighting can give consumers a good impression. We believe that the success of the catering brand design lies in the details, a small logo design can also enhance the style of the restaurant, and vice versa can quickly reduce the grade of the restaurant.


If you pay attention to your daily meal, some of the reasons for the popularity of the restaurant are all traceable. It is nothing more than good product selection, accurate site selection, strong consumer experience, good food and beverage marketing, restaurant space and dining. The vi design is carefully designed. Thanks to the overall play of all aspects, the restaurant has suddenly stood out from thousands of restaurants. Today, Yi Ding catering brand planning and design will talk about the principles of catering brand VI design in the end?


1. Follow human visual habits

First of all, people are visual animals. Brand VI design should follow human visual habits. According to the principle of visual design, pay attention to the vividness, make the image concise, easy to attract attention and instantly recognize, and the public can be impressed. Vi as a symbol, to let the guests know at a glance. Don't make it too abstract, because there can't be a commentator next to each logo to explain to the guests, so the design of the dining vi should be shocking.

2. Reflecting beauty and artistry

Secondly, the process of catering vi design should reflect beauty and artistry. A sign with no artistic features and beauty is hard to convince guests of the deliciousness and quality of your restaurant. Vi design also pays attention to international versatility and avoids some common international taboos. If these factors are taken into consideration, the restaurant's identification mark will be further internationalized and will go global.

3. Reasonable graphics processing


An impressive vi is made through the reasonable graphics processing to make the logo unique. A good dining vi design, which is unique, rich in the personality of the restaurant, gives a strong visual impression.

Catering brand VI design is a tough job that includes a unique foundation of creativity and aesthetics. It is undeniable that good designers are not expensive, but the design of a good designer is the soft power of the restaurant, which will become a profit. This investment is worthwhile. Our design team will give you a dining dream and help you go further and further on the food and beverage road.

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