What are the skills of American decoration soft suits?

- Jan 14, 2019-

Nowadays, the style of our renovated house is more and more, and we don’t pay attention to our decoration will become a past tense. There is a certain gap between the American style and the Chinese style of decoration. There are certain differences in the decoration and matching. What are the skills of the soft decoration of the American decoration?


The skill of American-style soft-packing is to match it, because they pay attention to the warmth of the home, and it is the warmth of the home.


1. When selecting materials, you should pay attention to selecting some comfortable and warm materials, so as to create a better family atmosphere. Entertainment products such as television are also placed in this space. It is conceivable that under the sound of TV commercials, the harmony of pots and pans, and the noise of children playing, this "three districts" is a happy one. The style is relatively simple, and the details are particularly important. American furniture generally uses walnut and maple. In order to highlight the characteristics of the wood itself, the texture itself becomes a decoration. Different light perceptions can be produced at different angles. This makes American furniture more eye-catching than the glittering European furniture.


2, the American pastoral style decoration layout has a great feature that there are many green plants in the living room, generally plants that are always green and not flowering all the year round. The green plants can be seen on the floor, cabinet and table of the room. Therefore, in the American style of decoration and soft decoration, we can choose more green plants to form a patchwork pattern and layering. The layout of the cowboy in the room is also a major feature, generally embodied in the sofa furniture, you can choose the exquisite leather or denim texture fabric sofa, considering the comfort of use, so that the American style with unique charm is arranged.


3, American furniture inside the wall lamp is very common, generally choose classical wall lamp or floor lamp, dim light and furniture room look elegant, but this is suitable for classical style decoration, if it is a modern style, it will choose a strange shape. Glass wall lamp or metal floor lamp. American-style home decoration is indispensable for decorative painting. The modern style is usually an abstract alternative oil painting, and the rural rustic style is mostly a rural landscape oil painting.

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