What is the difference between the design of the restaurant chain and the design of the general dining space?

- Feb 20, 2019-

As the saying goes, "the people eat food for the sky", in the traditional Chinese culture, the food culture occupies a considerable proportion. In today's society, this importance is reflected in the flourishing catering industry and the design of various dining spaces. . So what is the difference between the restaurant design of the chain brand and the design of the ordinary restaurant? I want to share the discussion with you today.


The best place for the chain is that after the first one, there is a follow-up design to undertake. In this case, there is a perfect design for Yi Ding. Because the chain store is not a store, the same model will open ten brands. ,a hundred. In other words, we design more than 100 in a year, so the design will continue to improve. Of course, this chain of brands will have stricter requirements on cost and operation, and design positioning needs to be precise, and there should not be too many problems.

This is like a car. If it is mass-produced, there may be some problems, and the damage will be relatively large. Therefore, the design must be mature. If the design is mature, there will be corresponding tests and requirements. It must have a very rich experience in the design of the restaurant itself, and it must have a deep accumulation. Relatively speaking, the design of a single dining space has more to play with Yi Ding. Opening a store alone may enrich the beautiful vision of Party A. We can collide with more and design. The things are more interesting to us.


When designing these two restaurants, there will be a different aspect in the selection of materials. When designing the chain of dining space, we will consider the convenience of the material selection and the convenience of production, including durability and reusability, which will be considered more. However, the current catering competitiveness is very large, all are innovative, the dishes are innovative, the service is innovative, the business model is innovative, and the design is innovative. In the context of this innovation, the customer acceptance is not the same as before. It is. In the past, customers were demanding, practical and cheap. In the context of continuous innovation, they were more willing to try new things, so now what material customers are acceptable.

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