What should you pay attention to in indoor lighting?

- Jan 22, 2019-

Lighting design plays an important role in interior design. In different spaces, sometimes it focuses on the true restoration of lighting and color; sometimes it focuses on decorative effects; sometimes both. Therefore, in the choice, it should be combined with different needs, different characteristics, different uses and interior space decoration for comprehensive consideration.


Light sharing

Such as the TV wall, when watching TV at night, you will find that the TV is very strong, staring at the screen is actually very good for eye health. Therefore, a 3-level intensity atmosphere lamp, such as a wall lamp or a desk lamp, can be installed next to the TV set. It is mainly used to increase the transition of the lamp shadow, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue.


The lamps commonly used in bedrooms include bedside lamps and ceiling lamps. The ceiling light is to increase the overall illumination brightness. The correct position for installing the ceiling light is in the middle of the two corners of the bed, so that even if the bills and the bead curtains are placed, they are not affected.


Adding chandeliers to the table allows the diners to appreciate the delicious taste of the table and the appetite. Installation points: the height is appropriate, the four eyes can be opposite, there is no cover; can not hang too high, to ensure that the table can be seen delicious; do not use diffuse lights, to avoid appearing too "squeaky".


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