Will the stainless steel dining table and chair rust?

- Sep 19, 2018-

The steel itself will rust, but when used as a dining table and chair material, the dinette maker will consider this. At present, we have seen the use of steel dinette, the surface is not exposed, the main material is cold-rolled steel. Then the surface is sprayed with phosphorus-free static electricity and powder. This is a common anti-rust process for steel products. It not only prevents steel from rusting due to moisture, but also reduces the adsorption of static electricity by dust.
No rust is based on a complete spray of steel dinette. If the surface of the dinette is damaged during use, the spray will fall off. Once the steel is in direct contact with the air, the chance of rust will increase greatly. Therefore, in the process of using or moving the steel dining table and chair, we must pay attention to the bumps, do not feel that the steel products can be used freely, as long as the painted surface is not damaged, then the steel dining table and chair will not rust 100%.

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