Winter is coming, how to maintain solid wood furniture?

- Dec 29, 2018-

  1. Dust-removing maintenance Prepare a soft dry towel, avoid wet, gently wipe the surface of the furniture, and wipe off the dust along the texture of the wood. No detergent is needed throughout the process to avoid irritating the furniture surface.


2. Cleaning and maintenance If it is daily maintenance, you can use a professional wooden household cleaner to help remove contaminants, fumes, excess wax, etc. from the air contaminated by the furniture.

3. Avoid scratches If scratches appear in the furniture, it will not only affect the aesthetics of the furniture, but also affect the service life of the furniture. Therefore, in the process of using, it should be avoided to avoid damage caused by direct contact between hard objects or metal products and furniture.

4. Scratch Care If you accidentally have small scratches, you can choose a wax strip similar to the color of the furniture wood to apply the scratches to fill the cracks. Then wax again in this area to maintain the gloss.

5. Waxing maintenance If you want solid wood furniture to last long, waxing is very necessary. Generally speaking, waxing once a quarter, using professional solid wood furniture glazing wax for regular maintenance. Avoid using a silicone polish, which will damage the coating of the furniture, block the pores of the wood, and impair the breathability of the wood.

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